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our Phone frendly APP

alpha fitness phone fitness plan app home screen
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Our Unique Fitness App

Welcome to the first look at our unique fitness app. The Alpha Fitness PT app is available on both IOS and android devices and can be used at any gym or at home in or outside the UK so you're never more than a finger touch away from our easy to use friendly content, videos, metrics, workout plans, diet examples, body stat records, habits, 1.2.1 video calls, apple watch metric information and so much more. You will have everything you need at your fingertips to get you through your workout session. Our app in conjunction with either the full online package or the programme only package caters for all.  Our app can be modified specifically for each individual based on you, your goals and the specific results you want.  It's like having your very own personal trainer in your pocket 

We create an online personalised training program designed around you and your goals to achieve the specific result you want. We assess everything – from your training history and current fitness levels, to your movement patterns – to create the ideal training program and exercise selection to accomplish your goals.

Diet plans built for you 

Bespoke diet examples designed specifically to your goals  We know that finding a diet you enjoy that works for your body is the biggest hurdle most people face to lasting success. So we create comprehensive examples plans designed around your specific needs, preferences and goals that are sustainable and deliver real results. What's more with our all in one fitness app you can also link your my fitness pal app to our app meaning you have access to cross-platform tracking so not only is it easier for your own tracking but also gives us the added benefit or seeing it also for those clients not wanting to keep track your there Marcos its never been easier with our scan and go function meaning all your have do is simply scan the barcode of the food your eating to get a comprehensive break down of everything your eating.

alpha fitness pt diet plan on phone screen
alpha fitness pt diet plan on phone screen

keeping you on track

How we manage your transformation journey

We understand that exceptional transformations are built on more than just an intelligent personal training and nutrition plan. with our online coaching, Your personal trainer is with you every step of the way to keep you honest and accountable, ensure you are maximising your progress and potential, and give you the expertise, support and wise counsel you need to achieve incredible results this is done through the utilisation of videos calls and 24/7 messaging services between you and the trainer you will also have full access to metric tracking, before and after photos witch you can add to our app at any time.

alpha fitness phone app chart of clients progression
alpha fitness pt face time call with chris hagg & client
alpha fitness pt phone app screen showing how to video
alpha fitness pt phone app programme

Custom-built user frendly programmes

With our custom-built training plan, every exercise in your plan is specifically chosen based on your chosen goals and targets and with our unique fitness app, it's never been easier to stick to your assigned plan. We use not only an interactive user-friendly system allowing you to follow your plan effortlessly with specified sets, reps, weight, RPEs, etc but you also have access to HD videos and descriptions for each and every exercise. so whether you are an experienced gym-goer or a complete novice you will never forget or be unsure of how to complete any assigned exercise, what's more, you also have the ability to add notes and mark off each exercise one completed, meaning we can track your progress every step of the way giving you the relevant feedback and making any amendments necessary.

alpha fitness pt app showing TRX workout on phone screen
alpha fitness pt phone app showing home workout on screen

Catering for all 

We pride ourselves on catering for all whether you're a complete novice when it comes to any sort of physical activity to the super experience athlete whether your training from the comfort of your own home, at your local park,  in the gym or outside given the right information we can build a plan that suits you and your life structure and the equipment you have at hand.

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