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Our Gym Facilities Gallery

Our Gym Facility Open To Our Clients 

Here at Alpha Fitness PT, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best of the best when it comes to equipment and facilities for our clients. It is for this reason that we chose The Gym Group Norwich city to be our fixed gym location with its central city location to its choice in gym equipment available the package The Gym Group Norwich offers to all its members is both easily affordable and extensive with a huge array of cardio, free weights, plate loaded equipment, racks, cables, resistance machines, flex zones and a substantially large lower level class Area that we as personal trainers have priority over its easy to see why this gym and its facility are our winning choice.

ALPHA FITNESS PT Client Benefits At The Gym Group Norwich

As you can imagine being a client of Alpha Fitness PT comes with a few perks whilst you train with us that normal gym-goers do not receive such as priority over the functional matted area, programs built around your goals, nutrition information, body stat tests, 1.2.1 support, management and accountability, guidance and technique adjustment/teaching and the use of off gym floor equipment:

  • Off gym floor boxing equipment

  • Off gym floor strength training equipment

  • Off gym floor functional equipment

  • Off gym floor  core and stability equipment 

  • Off gym floor bars & attachments 

Please remember that you are only eligible to use the extra facilities and equipment if you are training with ALPHA FITNESS PT and that these facilities and equipment are not available when you train alone whether you are a client of ALPHA FITNESS PT or not this is due to health & safety as well as insurance.

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